Pro Agile .NET Development with Scrum

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NET Development with SCRUM takes you through the initial stages of a project—gathering requirements and setting up an environment—through to the development and deployment stages using an agile iterative approach: namely, Scrum. In the book, you'll focus on delivering an enterprise-level ASP.

NET project. Each chapter is in iterations or sprints, putting into practice the features of agile—user stories, test-driven development TDD , behavior-driven development BDD , continuous integration, user acceptance testing, extreme programming, Scrum, design patterns and principles, inside-out development, lean developent, KanBan boards, and more.

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An appendix features code katas designed for the reader to get up-to-speed with some of the features of extreme programming, while also showcasing popular open-source frameworks to assist in automated testing and mocking. In addition, popular open-source architectural foundation projects such as S arp and NCommons are demonstrated to allow you to base future projects on these frameworks, which already have many best-practice design patterns and principles built in. NET project See how extreme programming features in real world. In this module the team is introduced to their problem domain for the week.

Pro Agile .Net Development with Scrum

A kickoff meeting by the Product Owner the instructor will set the stage for the why and what that will take during the upcoming sprints. The team will learn best practices around finding, testing, fixing, validating, and closing a bug. This short module introduces the team to release and sprint planning within Visual Studio The team will define and capture their goals as well as other important planning information.

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At this point the team will have the knowledge of Scrum, Visual Studio , and the case study application to begin developing increments of potentially shippable functionality that meet their definition of done. This module introduces the architectural practices and tools a team can use to develop a valid design on which to develop new functionality.

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The teams will learn how Scrum supports good architecture and design practices. This module introduces Test Driven Development as a design tool and how to implement it using Visual Studio This module lets the SQL Server database developers in on a little secret — they can be agile too.

By using the database projects in Visual Studio , the database developers can join the rest of the team. This module revisits acceptance criteria as it pertains to acceptance testing. By refining acceptance criteria into manual test steps, team members can execute the tests, recording the results and reporting bugs in a number of ways.

Pro Agile .Net Development with Scrum -

Manual tests will be defined and executed using the Microsoft Test Manager tool. As the Sprint completes and an increment of functionality is delivered, the team will also learn why and when they should create a branch of the codeline. This module introduces the many types of people, process, and tool dysfunctions that teams face in the real world.

Many dysfunctions and scenarios will be identified, along with ideas and discussion for how a team might mitigate them. This module will enable you and your team to move toward independence and improve your game of Scrum when you depart class.

Agile .NET Development

It demands that the members of the teams self-organize and self-manage their own work to collaboratively develop increments of software. Ideally, your actual software development team will attend the training to ensure that all necessary skills are covered. However, if you wish to attend an open enrolment course alone or with just a couple of colleagues, realize that you may be placed on a team with other attendees.

The instructor will do his or her best to ensure that each team is cross-functional to tackle the case study, but there are no guarantees. You may be required to try a new role, learn a new skill, or pair with somebody unfamiliar to you. This is just good Scrum! Because of the nature of this course, as explained above, certain types of people should probably not attend this course:.

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  4. Springer Professional. Back to the search result list. Table of Contents Frontmatter Chapter 1. The Art of Agile Development Abstract. In this chapter you will be introduced to the principles and practices that constitute agile development.

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    You will learn that agile development is as much a philosophical and cultural shift as it is a set of practices and processes. You will understand why the need for an agile approach to software development has developed, the issues it helps to solve, and the reasons for its rapid rise in popularity. In this chapter you will learn all about the Scrum project methodology. You will be introduced to the iterative nature of Scrum, which defines a process skeleton containing a set of roles, activities, and artifacts, all focused on supporting a team committed to delivering a product. A number of different implementation frameworks have been conceived within the spirit of the Agile Manifesto.

    Whereas Scrum is primarily focused on the project management side of things, XP is more focused on development details. Thus Scrum and XP are complementary, and are often used together to become more efficient in delivering customer valued software. Welcome to Kojack Games! Over the next five chapters you will be watching a development team from the Kojack Games Company.